HR Anexi offers a rich, comprehensive suite of consulting capabilities in strategic human capital management to its clients. We have strong alliances with global human capital consulting houses that enable us to meet all of our clients’ strategic, operational and tactical needs. Our partnerships result in powerful synergies that help us create a complete network of services in leadership development, employee engagement and talent assessment for our client organizations.


BlessingWhite (a division of GP Strategies)is a global human capital consulting firm dedicated to creating sustainable high-performance organizations. Established in 1973, they provide strategic consulting solutions in executive and senior leader development, management capability building and employee engagement.

BlessingWhite’s background research in leadership and the meaning of work informs HR Anexi’s capabilities in Organization Development, Assessment, HR Advisory and Outsourcing, and Research and Survey. Our partnership with BlessingWhite enables us to provide business driven consulting to numerous clients in multiple industries.
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Psytech International

Established in 1984, Psytech is one of the world’s leading developers of psychometric tests and assessment solutions for the workplace. With worldwide representation and assessment products in multiple languages, they are the ‘Global Leaders in Local Assessment Solutions.’

Our partnership with Psytech enables us to provide one of the world’s most extensively researched, reliable and valid batteries of psychometric tools to our clients. We use Psytech’s products as standalone solutions in assessment, 360-degree feedback, and executive coaching, or integrate them into our larger programs in talent  development.
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