15FQ+ One Day Certification Program

“We hire for technical knowledge and skill, but fire for poor performance, behaviour, and personality.”

Senior Manager of a large Indian consumer durables manufacturing company

This makes it essential for HR and line managers to understand the overall personality of the individual, beyond his knowledge and skills. Extensively researched, the 15FQ+ provides an in-depth assessment of the full sphere of human personality. It ensures culture and gender fairness, and has been adapted into over 20 languages. Building on the most current research, the 15FQ+ maintains the breadth of the original                                         16 Personality Factors instrument, first created by Raymond B. Cattell.

This certification helps participants to

  • Identify the inherent potential of an individual
  • Assess the individual’s compatibility with the job
  • Identify employees’ training and development needs
  • Manage the team effectively and reduce attrition
  • Develop and coach employees

Workshop Content

  • Application of 15FQ+ for selection, training, development, and coaching
  • Detailed study of the 15FQ+ instrument

Workshop Format

1 day’s interactive classroom training on the theory, interpretation, feedback, guidelines and practice sessions of the 15FQ+