360° Feedback Certification Workshop

360° Feedback is a candid and confidential process of receiving developmental feedback from one’s key stakeholders in the organization. This type of feedback is primarily used in executive coaching or other strategic talent development programs to lend rounded development insights on the individual’s leadership or managerial make up.

A standardized online 360 system (like GeneSys 360) provides a complete solution to the challenges of implementing a 360° appraisal in your organisation. Easy to use, the system allows you select your competencies from a competency dictionary, and send participants automated invites and reminders to complete their appraisals. You will find it easy to manage the different components of the appraisal workflow, or build custom features and forms into it. Once all appraisals are completed, the system consolidates the feedback and generates a detailed report.

This workshop is ideal for all HR professionals who wish to develop their skills in using the online 360° Feedback Manager for talent development and training needs identification. This workshop is also ideally suited to all practicing or aspiring professionals, trainers, counselors, consultants, psychologists, coaches and mentors in organization development. Further, it is a valuable learning experience for HR experts involved in conducting Assessment or Development Centres.

This certification helps participants to

  • Learn the benefits of implementing 360° feedback system and master the critical phases of successful implementation
  • Examine the principles underlining 360° instrument design and feedback generation, and administer the online 360° feedback
  • Structure pre and post 360° feedback meetings with the participants and their respondents
  • Gain useful tips on overcoming organizational resistance and obtaining buy in on the 360-degree feedback process
  • Customize the 360° questionnaire, generate online reports, interpret report results and provide effective feedback to employees
  • Know about the different features of the online 360-degree process
  • Learn the do’s and don’ts of effective interpretation of the 360° report and facilitation of the feedback debrief
  • Practice giving and receiving peer feedback using sample 360° reports
  • Establish the link between ‘behaviours’ and ‘sources or drivers of behaviours’ (like, preferences)  using own JTI reports

Workshop Content

  • Introduction to the Total Personality Assessment Model: Behaviour, Ability, and Personality
  • Principles of measuring behaviour using 360° feedback and other psychometric instruments
  • The 3 critical phases and 10 essential steps in 360° feedback
  • Design and administration of the online 360° feedback
  • Essential skills of giving, receiving, and collecting development feedback, and conducting a feedback debrief session
  • Integrating psychometric reports with 360° feedback

Workshop Format

  • 1 day of intensive classroom training on the theory, interpretation, feedback guidelines and practice sessions of the 360-degree feedback instrument