360-degree Feedback

In-Depth Development Feedback From Key Stakeholders

360° Feedback is a candid and confidential process of receiving developmental feedback from one’s key stakeholders in the organization. This type of feedback is primarily used in executive coaching or other strategic talent development programs to lend rounded development insights on the individual’s leadership or managerial make up.

In the 360-degree feedback methodology, the participant receives feedback from critical people above, below, or at par with him. Feedback providers may include the participant’s primary and secondary managers, direct reports, peers, vendors and even clients. The size and nature of the feedback provider group can be decided by the participant’s manager, coach, and sponsoring HR leader.

An integral part of HR Anexi’s talent development tool-kit, the GeneSys 360 provides a complete solution to the challenges of implementing a 360° appraisal in your organisation. Easy to use, the system allows you to select your competencies from a competency dictionary, and send participants automated invites and reminders to complete their appraisals. You will find it easy to manage the different components of the appraisal workflow, or build custom features and forms into it. Once all appraisals are completed, the system consolidates the feedback and generates a detailed report on each participant.


GeneSys 360 Online offers a number of customisation options, including the facility to add your own custom competencies and the questions to assess them. The appraisal can be personalised with your own content and logo.


A cost effective way of implementing the 360° Appraisal in-house is to use the GeneSys 360 Online that enables you to use our well established competency framework or implement your own. The 360° Appraisal Report can be generated instantly once all the ratings have been completed. Raters can be assigned either by the administrator or by the ratee. The data can be used for detailed analysis, talent audit and bench-marking.

GeneSys 360° Report

GeneSys 360 Online provides a detailed report covering all the selected competencies, with a specific focus on facilitating self awareness and personal development. The report not only highlights overall rated competencies but also how self-ratings vary from those of other participant groups. It includes a listing of rated strengths and development needs for each competency and provides full details of all obtained ratings.

The 360 degree report provides invaluable insights for the creation of an Individual Development Plan – MyDP. MyDPs are designed to improve an individual’s awareness of his capabilities and areas of improvement.
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