Competency Based Interviewing (CBI)

Ability To Understand and Practically Apply Technical Concepts

Hiring the wrong person creates not only costs in time and resources, but also productivity losses. By some estimates, such costs could amount to almost three times the individual’s salary. Many organizations are, thus, looking at alternate ways to improve their hiring processes.

In a Competency Based Interview (also referred to as Behavioural Event Interviewing), the applicant is asked questions on past or hypothetical situations that can demonstrate his performance on specific competencies. The interviewer then evaluates the applicant’s responses using a Behaviourally Anchored Rating Scale that facilitates objective probing and accurate performance ratings. The rationale of the CBI methodology is that past behaviour is the best predictor of future performance.

At HR Anexi, we can design a customized CBI framework for different divisions and levels in your organization. Our comprehensive bank of competency models and CBI questions enables us to respond to the unique needs of your business environment, while leveraging best practices from multiple industries. We also train your HR and line faculties on how to use our CBI models so that your interview assessments are accurate, efficient, and standardized across roles.