Genos Emotional Intelligence

Managing Self and Others’ Emotions
Measures candidates' skill in displaying emotionally intelligent behaviours in the workplace.
Adults of all levels

Emotional intelligence refers to a set of skills that define how effectively an individual perceives, understands, reasons with, and manages their own and others’ feelings, emotions, and mood states.

Research has suggested that people with high Emotional Intelligence (EI) tend to be more transformational in their leadership style, have better negotiation skills, higher stress tolerance, and less absenteeism.

This assessment is a self-report of how frequently an individual displays emotionally intelligent behaviours in the workplace. It is designed specifically for selection purposes and covers seven key EI skills and three response style validity scales.

Reports for Genos EI

  • Comprehensive report.
  • Brief on how to interpret the results.
  • Candidate results on Seven areas of EI.
  • Specific candidate strengths.
  • Specific candidate development areas.

Genos EI Skills

  • Emotional self-awareness.
  • Emotional expression.
  • Emotional awareness of others.
  • Emotional reasoning.
  • Emotional self-management.
  • Emotional management of others.
  • Emotional self-control.