Iceberg Model

Drivers of Behaviour


Organizations need to see beneath the surface personalities of their employees in order to make better decisions of selecting, promoting or developing them. The Iceberg Model of Behavioural Drivers provides a clear understanding of why people do what they do. Psychometric assessments reveal the workings of an employee’s inner mindscape.

The origin of this model can be traced to Sigmund Freud’s ‘Iceberg Model of Consciousness’. Freud contested that our conscious behaviour is only the visible 10% of our psyche – the tip of the iceberg. The deeper motivators of our behaviours – that is, 90% of our mental nature – lie submerged in our sub-conscious or unconscious mind. The key to ascertaining a person’s true potential lies in accessing these deeper recesses of his mind. Psychometric tools and exercises provide a keen insight into this opportunity.


HR Anexi and Psytech offer a comprehensive battery of psychometric solutions that focus on an individual’s knowledge, traits, interests, and values. We eliminate the need for your HR or line managers to fall back on their subjective judgements or personal biases to make crucial talent decisions.