Sales Preference Indicator

Sales Personality Assessment
A sales success indicator.
EFPA Level 1, BPS Certificate of Competence in Occupational Testing Level A plus test specific training.
Adults, young adults, all levels of position

SPI provides an invaluable insight into characteristic behaviours in sales-related environments. Designed to be used as part of an assessment battery, it enables you to identify people best suited to different sales roles.

What SPI Measures

SPI measures 6 core dimensions of sales activity and have been developed from an extensive literature review and empirical validation of objective sales success. The 6 dimensions of sales activity are:

  • Adaptive selling
  • Emotional objectivity
  • Outgoing sales persona
  • Networking
  • Organisational focus
  • Competitiveness


SPI provides a quick, reliable measure of individual sales performance potential. The wording of the SPI questionnaire makes it suitable for all customer-facing and sales roles. Available for pencil-and-paper and on-screen administration, SPI is the ideal assessment for improving the effectiveness of your sales team.

SPI Reports

The GeneSys Assessment System generates decision-maker and feedback reports outlining an individual’s likely effectiveness in a number of key sales areas. The decision-maker report includes recommendations on how to manage and motivate the respondent. The feedback report is written in a style that makes it suitable to be given to the respondent and can be used to explore development needs. GeneSys can be used to combine the SPI with the results of other measures to provide the best prediction of sales performance.