HR Advisory and Outsourcing

As one of our core areas of expertise, HR Anexi offers advanced HR Outsourcing capabilities to serve people process needs.We help you conduct a comprehensive organization diagnostic study to understand where your best HR opportunities in business impact, IT infrastructure building, and process management are located.


We work with you to create the right organization structure – based on roles, functions, and team relationships – that you need to support your current business strategy. We partner with you to revamp your performance appraisal system so that it becomes a critical business tool in managing employee and project performance. We work in these and several other strategic areas to help your HR department transform from being a cost to a profit centre.


One of our key areas of focus in this practice is Family Run Businesses (FRBs) led by first or second generation entrepreneurs. Having worked with many FRBs in the Indian context, we understand their unique needs in process institutionalization, business succession, and reward sharing. HR Anexi brings a holistic approach to the HR models of such businesses – one that complements their cultural strengths, while leveraging best practices of their industry peers.

Explore our S3 Model to understand how we help organizations evolve their businesses from stabilization to scalability to steerability.

Our Capabilities


  • ccm
    Identify your top culture change goals, and create the right transformation momentum.
  • ho
    Profit from a full service internal HR department that brings an unbiased & expert approach to your HRM.
  • pm
    Project performance management as a critical tool to add value to individual & organizational performance.

  • rpo
    Leverage from our RPO capabilities that gives the flexibility to scale up the sizes and levels of your recruitment needs.
  • cb
    Establish ‘pay’ as one of your key competitive advantages in employee engagement, talent retention, and group performance.