Compensation and Benefits

How do you ensure that your incentives are being effectively spread across the organization to motivate better performance? Are you rightly focusing your reward strategies on the workforce segments that are most critical to your business? Are your salary structures uniform across business divisions? Today organizations are facing a complex array of challenges in coming up with the right compensation and benefit strategy for their workforce. As corporate strategy evolves, mergers happen, or market circumstances change, they create a need for organizations to redesign their compensation models.

At HR Anexi, we build innovative pay programs based on our compensation expertise, industry analyses, and accounting experience. Our compensation models –

  • Help you attract and retain key talent in your organization,
  • Move your median employee performance from mediocrity to high contribution,
  • Create an executive compensation plan that is in tune with the overall company budget, industry trends, and government regulations,
  • Link individual compensation with business profits and collective performance, and
  • Benchmark compensation levels of critical workforce segments with very specific competitive trends.

We work with you to not only design the best compensation programs, but also create the right organization structure to support them. Whether it is foundational work on defining pay linked performance measures or more complex considerations of balancing salary with incentives, we partner with you in every step of the way.  We also help you launch the right communication and training to integrate your new pay models within the organization. As your compensation partner, we finally help you transition to a point where pay becomes one of your key competitive advantages in employee engagement, talent retention, and group performance.