Culture and Change Management

Any major change in business or process strategy leads to a change in the underlying organizational culture. However, most seasoned professionals understand how hard it is for an organization to transform its cultural legacies, even when the case for change is lucid and compelling. Several everyday assumptions need to be revisited, and many leadership myths challenged. Commitment and follow through on change need to almost become an independent focus of strategic and frontline leaders, on top of their day to day business agendas.

At HR Anexi, we understand the complete context and historical complexities that encompass your culture change efforts. We help your leaders to better align themselves with and communicate your vision across the organization. We suggest ways of combining top down transformation efforts with more participatory approaches to change. We work with you to select the right priorities at different stages of the change process, without putting undue pressure on your existing resources. In short, as your Change Partner, we help you identify your top culture change goals, and create the right transformation momentum to achieve them.

In our change management model, we –

  • Use various organizational diagnostic and employee engagement surveys to create the right focus for your change efforts,
  • Launch the right practices that align with the desired business and cultural direction, and create implementation support for them,
  • Create the right leadership visibility and communication on your change vision,
  • Designate change agents and facilitators across the organization to drive key transformation projects,
  • Establish a system of rewards and penalties to reinforce the right change behaviours,
  • Align core people processes, like performance appraisal and compensation, with the new change direction, and
  • Review and demonstrate the impact of your change progress with key organizational constituents.

In all of your change initiatives, we work with you to maintain your core cultural identity and continue playing to your natural strengths. We also invite perspectives from key opinion leaders within your ground troops, so that your change interventions can be bold, realistic, and have widespread employee support.