HR Outsourcing

HR Anexi can function as a full service internal HR department for your business, while retaining our independent, third party entity. This brings a unique, unbiased expertise to enable your HR department. Our HR Outsourcing Model covers core people functions in workforce administration, payroll, performance appraisal, compensation and benefits, and learning and development. Our shared service center enables us to centrally manage your HR processes, while letting you leverage best practices in people management. We also provide continuous on-site and remote support for your HR operations, and train your personnel in our models and processes.

Our HR process outsourcing helps you to –

  • Generate immediate and long term cost savings on your core HR functions,
  • Improve your HR service quality,
  • Generate more compliance of key HR practices across the organization,
  • Improve the business ROI of your HR processes,
  • Train your HR department on the design and delivery of latest HR models, and
  • Make more time available for you to focus on your HR business strategy.