Manpower Audit and Rightsizing

Manpower planning – putting the right people in the right places in the right time and cost – is one of the most critical challenges facing business enterprises today. Many companies do not fully understand how well their manpower structure maps on to their upcoming business requirements, potential workforce changes and demands, and current labour capability and utilization levels. Rapid changes in the workplace and market conditions have increased complexities in hiring, retaining, promoting and allocating talent in organizations. At the same time, companies are facing a greater pressure to control human capital costs, or in the least, predict them over a longer period of time.

At HR Anexi, we help you address some of your toughest manpower structuring challenges, while managing your human capital risks and costs. We conduct a detailed manpower audit to understand where your talent capacities, shortages, and needs lie. We then consult with you on the best ways to align your staffing structure and levels with the business needs of different divisions. We help you remove manpower redundancies and utilization wastages, while re-routing excess capacities to better organizational pockets. At the same time, we work with you to identify your upcoming roles in managerial and leadership segments, and the specific skill sets they demand.

In particular, we help you to –

  • Create a scalable  manpower structure that can accommodate changes in your business cycles while addressing market trends,
  • Use a combination of analytical tools, surveys and leader inputs to project future manpower needs,
  • Focus  on talent segments that have a greater strategic impact on your business, like critical divisions, pivotal roles, hard-to-fill positions, and fast moving units,
  • Forecast critical workforce risks, and then map them on to your workforce sizes, skill sets, and geographies.

Our experience with clients indicates that, over time, such initiatives become less HR driven, and start being treated more as strategic imperatives. Usually, we conduct them together with other critical processes like Diagnostic Survey and Organization Structuring to create the most business driven manpower structures for our client organizations.