Organization Structure

As business strategy changes, its underlying organization structure – roles, functions, and team relationships – must also undergo transformation. The need for creating or redesigning a company’s organization structure can arise if its business model has evolved over time, or if it has merged with other firms. The company may need to flatten its traditional hierarchies, or add more matrix layers to them. Many new roles may need to be created and defined. Staffing and resourcing levels may need to be revisited, particularly if certain departments have been over or under utilized.

HR Anexi brings a vast range of capabilities and tools that help you address some of your toughest challenges in establishing the right organization structure for your business. We help you streamline existing roles if their responsibilities have become overwhelming or mutually conflicting. In some cases, we remove multiple vertical layers if they have been causing delays and complexities in your operations. We ensure that the new organization structure is well accepted by the larger community within the organization, thus facilitating greater cross team collaboration. Most importantly, we help you draw the right connections between your people framework and over-arching business needs, demonstrating the gains that you will now make through better collaboration, engagement, and efficiency.