Organisational Diagnostics

In our organization diagnostic studies, we conduct a comprehensive assessment of your HR processes, leadership needs, business environment, and employee engagement. We examine your core HR processes, IT Systems and related practices, and assess key gaps in their business impact. We identify the reasons you might be facing challenges in attracting and retaining talent, and correlate them with your existing practices in developing leaders, utilizing manpower, and empowering employees. We also help you recognize your organization’s strengths in talent management vis-à-vis peer and industry trends. And most importantly, we put our entire assessment in the context of your business objectives, so that you can clearly see where your HR return-on-investment opportunities lie.

We use a combination of stakeholder discussions, subject matter expert interviews, diagnostic studies and employee engagement surveys to create a detailed report of your HR effectiveness. Our diagnostic work serves as a great impetus to our clients in launching the right business and people initiatives for their strategic vision.