Performance Management

Despite being one of the most critical HR processes, the performance appraisal system is also one of the most under-utilized in many organizations. Key gaps in this workflow could include poor formal communication, goals not being objectively defined and updated in tandem with business changes, managers not providing adequate assessment insights in their appraisals, or managers not having appropriate follow-up discussions with employees after the appraisal. Managing the overall performance appraisal process, too, poses many challenges. In many cases, submissions are delayed or incomplete, and managers may not know how to write meaningful development plans for their employees.

At HR Anexi, we have capabilities to not only manage your existing appraisal workflow, but to also completely revamp it. We help organizations migrate from a manual, paper and pencil appraisal process to a more convenient online system. We train managers and employees on the critical elements of the appraisal process, and ways they could leverage it for achieving their performance and reward targets. We also train the HR faculty on the best practices for promoting and managing the appraisal system, and using it to build better reward and employee engagement processes. We work with you to mine the employee development insights from the appraisal system, and integrate them with your existing initiatives in Training Needs Identification and Organization Development. To summarize, we help you derive the best individual and organizational value from your performance appraisal process, and position it as a critical tool for managing project performance within the organization.