Our S3 Model helps organizations drastically transform the state of their HR performance and its impact on their businesses. In the stabilization phase, we help you streamline your everyday HR operations and set up foundational talent processes, like the performance appraisal system. If you are in the scalability phase, we help you build robust organization structures, and institutionalize the HR systems in line with your business plans. In the phase of steerability, we help organizations formulate their strategic HR roadmap, build the leadership pipeline, and create employee engagement at all levels.

The key benefits to organizations from our S3 Model are

  • Increased revenues and efficiencies by focusing on core organizational processes,
  • Greater flexibility to meet changing business conditions,
  • Enhanced employer branding,
  • An unbiased outside-in view of the organization,
  • Substantial cost savings in everyday operations and overheads,
  • Access to expertise in previously unfamiliar areas of HR, and
  • Capabilities to overcome the manpower and resource crunch in HR

S3 Needs Assessment

Our diagnostic work helps you understand the effectiveness of your HR models and practices, and transform your business ROI. We explore the different nodes of your HR functioning through a combination of diagnostic surveys, subject matter expert interviews, and focus group discussions.