Clarity and Partnership Drive Rapid Results and Retention

To contribute to your bottom line, employees in new roles need to be clear on what their job requires, have a plan for efficiently getting up to speed and understand how to work effectively with their manager. Yet despite good intentions many transitioning employees flounder or stall as they sort through the rules of the road.

Fast Start ® facilitates the critical conversations that need to happen between managers and employees in new situations. It is an employee-driven process of feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue designed to accelerate productivity and ensure long-term success.


Employees lead structured Fast Start Discussions with their managers about priorities, job conditions, skills and effective partnerships.

The organization benefits from:

  • Quicker assimilation and increased productivity of new recruits
  • Strategy alignment from the start
  • Smoother, more productive transitions for employees changing jobs or managers
  • Increased retention of new recruits and the newly promoted
  • More effective employee/manager partnerships

Distinguishing Features

  • Online manager feedback and guidelines
  • Online employee analysis and planning
  • Automated emails to drive compliance and sustain momentum
  • Built-in measurement tools, administrative tracking and reporting