MPG – The Success Connection

The Success Connection: Talented Employees Aren’t Enough

As organizations merge, shrink or shift strategies and as employees wade through quagmires of to-dos, meetings and information overload, it’s more important than ever that individuals at all levels engage and focus on what matters most.

MPG®: The Success Connection (also known as “Managing Personal Growth”) is a process that incorporates exclusive feedback, analysis, planning and dialogue tools for enthusiastically delivering on personal and organizational goals.


Employees craft specific action steps, including a detailed plan for discussing their increased job performance and satisfaction with their manager. The organization benefits from:

  • Increased strategy alignment
  • Employee ownership of success and satisfaction
  • Stronger employee/manager partnerships
  • Improved satisfaction, performance and engagement
  • Continuing dialogue and a common language for discussing career, performance and mutual success
  • More strategic employee development to benefit the organization as well as employees

Distinguishing Features

  • Online assessments and follow-up tools
  • Flexible, interactive workshop design
  • Optional Resource Guide to support skill development
  • Administrative reports that track results and skill trends
  • Can be combined with Career Decision Making for increased career focus
  • Strategic implementations can be measured with pre- and post – Employee Engagement Survey