New Hire On-Boarding Program

Accelerate Speed-to-Productivity!

Our research shows that only 23% of NEW employees believe their work priorities are tied to the organization’s business strategy.


What are the new hires asking?

These are the typical questions and concerns of a new employee –

  • Have I made the right choice?
  • How do I make an immediate impact?
  • How am I going to be successful here?
  • Who is this person I am working for?
  • How does he/she like to work and what does this person need from me?
  • How do I leverage my skills and talent?

Our New-Hire On-boarding Program works with your new joinees to maximize their satisfaction and contribution with regard to the organization. We help the new employee quickly move into the ‘engaged workforce’ quadrant where there is –


  • Maximum Satisfaction“I like my work and do it well”.
  • Maximum Contribution “I help achieve the goals of my organization.”

Key Objectives

The key objectives of the NHOB Program are to

  • Create a positive and lasting first-impression of the organisation on the new hire
  • Quickly able to leverage the new employee’s strengths and energy to accelerate his productivity and, therefore, the return on investment for the organisation
  • Provide a safe environment for communication, and encourage employee initiative
  • Increase engagement and retention of new hires
  • Align the Individual Developmental Plan of the employee vis-à vis the organisation’s goals and values
  • Create a strong foundation for effective, long-term employee-manager partnership
  • Maximize employee accountability for job satisfaction, development, and results – taking the motivation monkey off the back of HR and the Manager!