The Engagement Equation

Managers Should Be Catalysts for Full Engagement

Engagement is a personal equation shaped by individual employees’ unique values, interests, talents and aspirations. Full engagement depends on employees having a thriving personal connection with their work and a belief that they have a promising future with your organization. Yet BlessingWhite’s research found that less than a third of employees worldwide are fully engaged.

Managers are uniquely positioned to help their team members achieve full engagement. Those who do so consistently deliver results and retain talent despite a roller-coaster economy or ever-shifting business strategies. The keys to their success? Strong, trusting relationships with team members and an intentional focus on increasing job contribution and job satisfaction.

The Engagement Equation™ is a half-day interactive workshop that equips managers to build and sustain their team’s engagement levels so that your organization can build a vibrant workforce, reach its business goals and achieve sustainable long-term success.


Leaders who:

  • Take control of their own engagement
  • Take accountability for their team’s engagement levels
  • Align the personal goals of their team members with the organization’s priorities
  • Create a team environment that fosters the trust that feeds engagement
  • Build individualized strategies for helping each team member increase both job satisfaction and job contribution

Distinguishing Features

  • 5 easy-to-understand levels of engagement based on BlessingWhite’s exclusive engagement index
  • A flexible, interactive design that can be tailored to incorporate data from our employee engagement survey or other external or internal survey data
  • Post-workshop action plans and discussion strategies

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