Go Beyond – Outbound Learning

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An answer to your clarion call for transformation and action, Go Beyond, an experiential ‘learning laboratory’, facilitates an opportunity for groups to step back and evaluate their performance. The review is about them, their leadership styles, problem solving abilities, team-working, communication, and managing change, to name a few competencies.

Teams are able to experience chaos, disorder, crisis and changing requirements for success in a safe and neutral environment. The team develops strategies and best practices for managing these issues in this environment and subsequently back at work.

Go Beyond programmes will always place importance on having fun while being impactful. For this, we don’t apologise!

Who Should Attend?

Go Beyond is for every organization, large or small, aiming for organizational transformation or high percentile growth for achieving breakthrough performance. It is for every individual who is looking for taking the plunge in life and do the extraordinary!


The experiential laboratory uses the Kurt Lewin Model of Learning. It is an experience that provides a unique opportunity to catch participants doing what they typically do, despite knowing otherwise. The learning effects can be profound and revealing.

Experiential Learning through Metaphors

Change Limiting Beliefs to Empowering Ones

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our LIGHT, not our darkness that most frighten us. We ask ourselves – Who am I to be brillant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous?”

There are many beliefs that we hold on to; as adults, many of us still hold on to beliefs from our childhood. A simple belief like ‘I’m not good enough’ can manifest itself in all areas of our lives, creating a web of other limiting beliefs. These can take some untangling in order to uncover and shift the original belief.

Eliminating your limiting beliefs and replacing them with empowering ones needs you to work with powerful metaphors.

Go Beyond facilitates some of the most profound and impactful metaphors like:-

Fire Walk
Transforming Fears that Limit us from being Extraordinary.
Walk on a bed of smouldering charcoal.

The practice of walking barefeet over beds of red-hot coals has evolved into a powerful tool for self-realization and empowerment. Firewalking has been practiced for over 4000 years across the globe in many cultures and religions. HR Anexi brings this ancient tradition to the corporate world as it has a profound impact on the human psyche.

The firewalk allows people to experience a source of energy which helps them to reach beyond their limiting beliefs. Breaking through one’s perceived boundaries frees an incredible amount of creative energy, allowing people to redefine themselves as people to whom the impossible becomes achievable.

Workshop content includes power talk before the walk, understanding the principles of energy, controlling the state of mind, breaking self limiting beliefs, and experience sharing.

Tile Breaking
A Metaphor for Achieving the Perceived Impossible.
Break tiles with bare hands.

“To achieve results, create a personal vision and then pursue it with single-minded focus”. Tile breaking as a metaphor helps you realize exactly that – the power of unwavering focus.

In this activity a tile or sometimes stacks of tiles are shattered with a single stroke of your bare hands – you realize the power of concentration and focus. It is not a demonstration of strength but about your focus determining your reality!

Iron Rod Bending
A Metaphor for Trust and Bonding to Achieve Synergy.
Bend an iron rod between two people.

The iron rod bending is a powerful metaphor which helps participants realise the magic of trust and empathy.

A straight 7ft, 8mm thick construction rod is bent to form a “V” by two people without the use of their hands. Is this possible? It is possible only when the understanding between two people is at its purest, most focused – they can read each other’s mind, their breathing is synchronised and they experience a complete sense of collaboration!

Glass Walk
A Metaphor for Creating Personal Vision and Focus to Achieve any Goal.
Walk bare feet on a bed of broken glass.

Walking on glass is an exercise in developing the mind-body connection, and can prove to be an unforgettable experience in the journey towards goal realization. The process of altering one’s thoughts is often regarded as ‘mind over matter,’ but perhaps we can consider the paradigm of ‘mind over mind’ to be more appropriate.

In the case of walking on glass, you set your goals, and remain focused on them by refusing to allow counterproductive ideas to get in their way. The motivated person can walk barefoot with confidence, easily and comfortably on the shards of broken glass.

Real World Learning Outcomes

Go Beyond creates a powerful realization and learning impact for the individual, team and organization.

At a personal level, Go Beyond helps to –

  • Develop an understanding that Change is a constant that professionals must learn to predict, adapt and manage
  • Change and deal with ambiguous situations
  • Set or clarify objectives or goals in line with organizational needs
  • Overcome personal insecurities, fears and biases
  • Move from ‘CAN’T Do’ to ‘CAN Do’ mindset, and lead by example
  • Discover inner strength, the boundaries set by ones’ limiting beliefs, convert them into empowering beliefs, thus ‘Realize Own Potential’
  • Foster innovation and lateral thinking

For team-work and other inter-personal contexts, Go Beyond helps to –

  • Understand and differentiate dynamics while working with each other as individuals, in pairs and teams
  • Equip participants with the will and skill of resolving conflicts with colleagues
  • Understand the barriers to effective communication, and develop honest and open communication among team members
  • Build trust among people by making sensitive and ambiguous matters discussable
  • Share appreciation and constructive feedback with others

For the organization, Go Beyond helps in –

  • Experiencing a very high level of team synergy with organizational vision and goals
  • Developing an understanding that the team is as fragile as its weakest link, and of how teamwork is a ‘multiple’ and not ‘sum’ of individual strengths
  • Creating a winning team (given the diversity in teams, processes, etc.)
  • Making participants take ownership of self (and team) growth and development and commit to action/change of behaviour (wherever required)
  • Developing an honest and open communication culture


  • An encounter group
  • A role clarification seminar
  • Going to avoid conflict, but will not create unnecessary conflict
  • A process lab
  • A team bonding exercise


  • Know the team members better
  • Strengthen cooperation among team members
  • Increase productivity
  • Help groups drastically improve the way they accomplish tasks while enhancing each individual’s ability to work effectively as a team member