Leading Today’s Professionals

Technical professionals bring unique capabilities, values and expectations to the workplace. Our two decades of research and experience indicate that leaders of these highly skilled employees face special challenges. Those challenges are compounded by the fact that many of these leaders rose to management positions because of their exceptional technical expertise, not people skills.

Leading Technical Professionals™ equips managers with skills and strategies for making the most of the knowledge, expertise, independence and confidence of today’s specialized knowledge workers (programmers, engineers, scientists, financial analysts, etc.).


  • Improved performance, morale and retention of talent
  • Increased innovation and initiative
  • Leaders who can guide (as opposed to direct) team performance
  • Smoother transitions for individual contributors promoted to leadership roles
  • Leaders who can handle increased span of control, “player-coach” roles and diverse teams

Distinguishing Features

  • Online assessment process
  • Research-based content and real-world practice scenarios for maximum relevance and impact
  • Flexible workshop design
  • Optional follow-up activities for advanced applications and specific team situations
  • Online Leadership Resource Center for ongoing application of concepts and skills