Competency Building Programs

In addition to our strategic learning programs on executive, leadership and management development, HR Anexi offers a rich repertoire of competency building workshops for building specific skill sets among your workforce. Our workshops range from helping managers build high performance teams to developing inspirational leadership capabilities among today’s woman leaders. We also offer fresh learning modules for creative thinking, analytical reading, and culinary exercises that help to boost innovation, team building, and engagement among participating teams. Other workshops focus on building specific technical skills related to negotiation, presentation, competency based interviewing, and stakeholder relationships among high potential employees.

Our workshops are conducted over 2 to 3 days, and are based on a pro-active learning methodology of pre-work, instructor led training, group activities, peer consulting, roles plays, case studies and action planning.

See below to know more about our innovative skill building programs, and select those that are best suited to meet the development needs of your workforce:

Leading High Performance Teams
A Successful Team beats with One Heart

High Performance Teams – highly adaptive, difficult to build, expensive to maintain and glorious to behold! So long as human beings remain the essential element of commerce, High Performance Teams will represent man’s best hope for developing swift, agile and profitable organisations. In this program, we understand the characteristics of a High Performance team by reviewing successful teams around the globe in different fields, ranging from sports to African tribes to the corporate world.

Espresso Shots
Kick Start Your Ideas

Like the drink it is named after, Espresso Shots is intense, rich and promises to jolt you with ideas, inspiration and information. Flexible and unconventional, these sessions are designed only for your needs. Choose your modules to facilitate skill building over a period of time, or boost employee engagement through periodic thrusts of learning. Take your pick from a variety of sessions and walk away refreshed and recharged.

Femme Phenomenal
Unleash the Yang Potential

Today’s successful women are moving from strength to strength and are an asset to the corporate world. They bring in a fine blend of technical expertise and a true commitment for organizational growth. This pioneering program helps our inspiring women leaders to mobilize their latent strengths and empower themselves with fresh perspectives to combat the ever changing demands of the workplace. In this program, women leaders cultivate their powerful personal vision, and forge the ability to translate this vision into a successful career path into the next level of personal leadership.

Dealing with Feeling
Grow Your EI Quotient

Emotions have the potential to get in the way of our most important business and personal relationships. In today’s competitive business climate, successful leaders are compelled to combine strong interpersonal skills with a sharp technical knowledge to maximize their leadership impact. This programme helps to motivate, engage and improve a leader’s or manager’s overall effectiveness through the application of powerful emotional intelligence techniques.

Negotiation and Influencing Skills
Negotiate What You Deserve

The success of business depends on the very specialized art of negotiation. It is about choosing the right messaging and influencing strategy for the right situation. Great negotiators do the right research, apply the right pressure at the right time, ask the right questions, and all the while, gain cooperation and commitment from others. This program focuses on effectively utilizing the art of negotiation, and understanding the difference between claiming and creating value. It is for all team leaders, managers, consultants, and entrepreneurs who are under constant pressure of managing complex high stake-high risk conversations with partners, customers, regulators, and other key stakeholders.

Power Presentation
Captivate Your Audience

No matter how good or important your messages are, if it is not delivered in an interesting and effective way, chances are that it will not be heard. Strong presentation skills can advance a career, while poor presentation skills can ground a rising star! Whether you’re an absolute beginner or an experienced presenter looking to improve your existing skills, this workshop will help build the expertise you need to be a successful presenter and realise your true potential.

Jump Start Your Creative Streak
Change the Paradigm

Creativity isn’t a nice-to-have or a fun-to-do exercise; it’s a matter of economic survival. Creativity is what transforms products and services to make them distinctive in the minds of people. Creativity is not something that only special people have; it is in every sense ubiquitous. It only needs a fertile ground for it to flower. From explaining the barriers to creativity to helping build a creative problem solving cycle, this workshop is for every individual who wants to change status quo and bring about a shift in the creative paradigm!

Competency Based Interviewing (CBI)
Use Past Performance to Predict Future Success

Competency Based Interviewing (CBI), also known as Behavioural Event Interviewing, is the most advanced interviewing technique that is used globally to select the right-fit candidates in a selection process. The CBI technique is based on the premise that past behaviour is the best predictor of future behaviour. Research in recruitment and selection methodologies suggest that you are eight times more likely to hire superior performers using competency-based selection than through traditional interviewing techniques. This workshop focuses on the process of designing and conducting a Competency Based Interviewing system, with practical exercises on how to evaluate such assessments and make the right selection decision.

Train the Trainer
Create Your Own Formula for Delivering Training

The best trainings are no accident- they are a result of a trainer spending hours on research and design. Keeping information fresh and reinforcing new learning is a constant challenge for trainers. Helping you surmount this challenge, the Train the Trainer programme shows you how to create your own formula to deliver a successful training programme. This workshop will suit anyone involved in the development of others, including trainers, managers, leaders, consultants, teachers and technical trainers.