The Octopus Model of Organization Development

We have drawn inspiration to develop our organisation development framework from the sage-like cephalopod – the Octopus. The comparison between an octopus and an organisation is fairly obvious! It captures the different stages through which a company must progress in order to achieve long term organization development.

Click on each node to know more about each phase of the Octopus Model of Organization Development.
  • 1.Corporate Blueprint
    Define the Canvas before You Paint

    The Corporate Blueprint offers organizations a chance to view themselves as entities achieving higher levels of performance and generating enhanced value. It provides a clear vision of the future, giving direction to the organisation. Designed to inspire performance to reach the next level of sustainability, the Corporate Blueprint sets targets that all companies should work towards in order to ascend the learning and performance curve. Finally by linking competencies to its vision and values, an organization not only clearly states its commitment, but also integrates the behaviours that support unprecedented growth.

    HR Anexi’s senior facilitators – business and industry veterans - - bring in-depth experience to help clients to create this blueprint of success using proprietary tools and SLOP analysis, focus group discussions, individual interviews, and customer feedback as part of a robust and comprehensive process. The emphasis is on achieving stakeholder agreement, understanding, and hence, commitment to the blueprint implementation.