Research and Survey

Whether you are looking to understand the key drivers of engagement among your workforce, development needs of different workforce segments, or how your compensation benchmarks with specific industry trends, HR Anexi offers a comprehensive suite of Research and Survey capabilities for your every talent question. Our audit analytics help you identify critical gaps in your HR process effectiveness. Our compensation benchmarking solutions give you actionable insights on your overall reward strategy. Our in-depth survey reporting, measures how well your leaders and business practices align with your organizational values.


Our Research and Survey solutions are delivered through a unique combination of new age leadership models, advanced analytics, and robust technology. We follow up with our integrated HR Outsourcing and Organization Development capabilities that help you design the best strategic interventions against such diagnostics. Our services help you harness the right organizational intelligence to create a high performance culture, improve the business ROI from your HR function, and build the right talent strategy.

Our Capabilities


  • ees
    Get rich, detailed insights on the learning and development needs of your employees across the board.
  • ha
    Our simple yet comprehensive audit process helps improve the effectiveness of your HR function.