Compensation and Benefits Survey

At the heart of creating the right compensation and benefits model for any organization lies a well conducted compensation and benefits survey. HR Anexi’s Compensation and Benefits Survey helps you benchmark your pay scales with a very specific selection of peer companies, so that you can retain and engage your top performers. We research your entire pay structure – from base pay to bonus incentives – to understand how well you measure up to your competition. We change the context of your compensation comparison to balance the needs of your employees, HR, and executives. Our surveys can focus on a very particular segment of your industry, or scope out pay trends across multiple industries.

We integrate market data, trends, and industry experience in our survey insights so that you can design an optimum total rewards strategy – one that neither under-rewards nor over-compensates your workforce. It helps you make a shift towards a pay structure that is driven by performance, and linked with business results at the team and divisional levels. We then partner with you to not only design and deliver your new compensation systems, but also communicate to your workforce about how your pay structures can create total rewards for them.