Irrespective of the size of your organization, HR Anexi can conduct a simple yet comprehensive audit process to improve the effectiveness of your HR function. We help you to objectively define your current HR practices, and assess them against industry norms and your larger business objectives. We gather perspectives on your HR process effectiveness from different stakeholders, and help you focus on the most critical areas of improvement. We then partner with you to create a strategic vision for your HR systems for the next planning period, making sure that your future HR process delivery can be predictable and realistic.

Our audit helps you improve on the following HR measures

  • Reduction in recruitment and hiring cycles,
  • Faster assimilation and speed-to-productivity of new hires,
  • Better documentation, employee awareness, and user training related to key HR practices,
  • Better employee engagement and lower turnover,
  • Improved manpower utilization and allocation through skill-versus-role mapping,
  • More uniform and industry-benchmarked compensation and benefits system, and
  • Better employee development, career path mapping, and succession planning across all levels.

Our HR Audit is a powerful lever of change in your department and organization. We help your HR Department to actively define and steer its direction, and begin transitioning into a strategic business partner for your organization. Over time, our audit takes on a more systemic approach, and becomes more inclusive of your traditional HR practices and cultural nuances.