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Title:  Regional Business Manager – Business Development

Location: Mumbai, Bangalore and Delhi

The applicant will be responsible for meeting clients, sensing needs (Client Need Analysis) and presenting solutions in the form of HR Anexi products and services. He or she will interact with the clients, create Approach Notes, Concept Notes & Proposals; with the ultimate aim of generating maximum business for the company. The person will analyze the current account and will take steps to convert it into a Key Account. thereby being responsible for maintaining creating and maintaining strong client relationships.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Constant market analysis
  • Responsible for mining prospective clients
  • Responsible for planning and managing industry/ territory/ targets (Individual and Team)
  • Responsible for meeting clients and making presentations
  • Responsible for Key Account Management
  • Responsible for providing strategic support to the team, in order to get closures and assist subordinates in database creation
  • Constant coordination with delivery team to execute a successful project
  • Ensure proper implementation of SOPs and quarterly review of the same
  • Attend industry specific events / seminars for business networking, industry knowledge and increasing brand awareness for HR Anexi
  • Promoting Launch of new products and services
  • Responsible for developing market strategy & its implementation

Experience 7– 12 years


  • Master’s degree in Human Resources
  • Bachelor’s degree in any discipline