Media Coverage

  • The HR Advantage
    June 5, 2013 - Mumbai Mirror  

    The article talks about the role of HR and its contribution towards an organization. The article focuses on HR specialization in Business Partnership or HR Consulting which involves understanding the key business issues and designing core HR process to address them.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora shares his views on the topic. He says, “One of the most recent HR specializations in MNC’s is HR consulting, where HR professionals partner with line managers to understand key business issues.”

  • Power versus Responsibility
    June 5, 2013 - Times of India  

    This article discusses the use/misuse of power by a leader in an organization. It highlights the bad tyrannies that a manager could possess like favoritism, bias, prejudices, etc which may hamper employee and organizational productivity.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora says, “Far too many terminations happen today not due to the employee’s job performance, but because of the manager’s displeasure towards him.”

  • Building Trust
    July 30, 2013 - Hindustan Times  

    The article talks about measures that organizations can take to win employee loyalty. It throws light on how high potential employees must be treated well in order to create a platform to manage all employees well. The article delves into the do’s and don’ts for organizations to build a loyal workforce.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora comments “The more leaders share their vision with employees, the more connected they feel with the organisation.”


  • India Inc wants participative, adaptable, global leaders: Experts
    May 30, 2013 - Economic Times Online  

    The article talks about the various leadership styles and debates over which leadership style is most effective in the Indian context. It highlights the need for leaders to have an adaptable, improvisational style of leadership in order to sustain and emerge successful in the Indian markets.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora comments on the topic, “Indian leaders should have an adaptable, improvisational style of leadership; given the country’s obvious challenges.”

  • Take Your Pick
    May 22, 2013 - Times Ascent  

    The article talks about the pros and cons of giving employees the freedom to pick leaders of their choice and also discusses how an opportunity to choose a team & domain, leads to higher levels of employee engagement.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora says, “One of the potential rewards of high performance is the opportunity to work in one’s chosen domain.”

  • 2013 Compensation Trends
    May 17, 2013 – Tjinsite –TOI Newsletter  

    This article showcases the recent compensation trends, linking it with performance appraisal.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora comments on the topic ‘Building a contemporary Pay for Performance System’. He says, “Over the last two decades, most organizations have moved away from pay systems that are driven by tenure to those that reward performance.”