Media Coverage

  • Fun @ Workplace
    May 8th, 2013 – Times Ascent  

    The article focuses on the need for organizations to be cognizant about the importance of having a good working atmosphere and strive towards creating an easy going relationship with their employees.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora says, “Micro-managing and overly controlling your employees’ actions can make them feel discouraged & insecure”.

  • Leading the Way
    April 22nd, 2013 – Mumbai Mirror   

    The article talks about the most effective leadership strategies and its impact on the workforce. It highlights HR Anexi’s views on the need for authentic leadership.

    HR Anexi MD, Ashish Arora, comments, “I think it is imperative as a leader to demonstrate not only your strengths but also your personal foibles”.

  • Being Smart at Work
    April 12, 2013 – Times Jobs Online  

    This article talks about the key guidelines of working smart. Being adaptable to change, planning ahead, and finding role models are some of the most important characteristics of a ‘Smart Worker’.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, comments, “Learn that sometimes less can be more. Before applying the involuntary brute force, pause and prioritize what is most essential.”

  • No Room for Mediocrity
    April 10 2013 - Times Ascent   

    This article talks about how employees should aim towards excellence at work. Certain people are just wired for excellence.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, comments, “Such people are motivated beyond immediate rewards or recognition – they excel for the sake of excellence.

  • Profile versus Brand
    April 1 2013 – Mumbai Mirror  

    This article discusses the age-old debate of choosing job profile versus brand when looking for a job.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, says, “There is no defined ‘better choice’; it’s different strokes for different people.”

  • Planning to quit your Job? Here are 5 things to keep in mind
    March 22 2013 - Economic Times Online  

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, suggests 5 crucial points to keep in mind before deciding to quit or change your job.