Media Coverage

  • Power Struggle
    March 04 and March 20, 2013 – Times Ascent (All editions)  

    This article talks about the strong link between power and responsibility. Power – are you using or abusing it?

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, says, “A good relationship with a bad manager may involve blind followership of his practices, or worse, a conscious demonstration of his deplorable values.”

  • Her Stories
    March 06, 2013 – Times Ascent, Ahmedabad and Bangalore  

    The article talks about women in the HR fraternity, and their nurturing instincts and people management skills which make them better HR professionals.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, says, “In addition to the people side of the equation, women must develop…”

  • Psychometrics: The Need of the Hour?
    February 27, 2013– Times Ascent   

    The article talks about how organizations must adopt psychometric profiling to ensure a successful recruitment process.

    Mr. Ashish Arora, MD of HR Anexi, shares his views on the subject – “Psychological research has consistently shown that psychometric tests of cognitive ability are…”

  • Leadership Goofups Revealed
    January 29 2013 – Economic Times (Mumbai, New Delhi, Bangalore and Kolkata)  

    This article is based on the reasons why leadership sometimes falls flat. HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, shared his views on the subject – “Some people do not have the natural or acquired perspective to deal with different types of leadership challenges and contexts”.

  • Situational Sensing
    January 23 2013 – The New Leadership Mantra- Times Ascent (Mumbai, Bangalore, Channai, Hyderababd and Online Editions)  

    The article brings about the need for leaders to adapt their leadership styles based on a situation.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, was qouted saying, “There are feelings and vibes that leaders must be able to pick up on to further initiate conversations with employees.”

  • Family Drama
    January 22 2013 – The Economic Times, Mumbai and Online Editions   

    The article is based on the various challenges faced by leaders in family run businesses. It talks of expert solutions to overcome such challenges, and discusses how leading a family run business may require a  different set of leadership skills.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, says, “A leader must proactively plan for leadership succession.”