Media Coverage

  • Finishing School for the Leader
    January 21 2013 - MINT (all major cities)  

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, talks at length about executive coaching and its importance for today’s leaders. Ashish comments, “A coach works closely with an executive, and together they craft the goals to be achieved…”

  • The Rise of Collaborative Leadership
    January 16 2013 – Times Ascent, Mumbai  

    A good leader knows the importance of involving the team in the decision making and strategizing process. The articles talks about how this phenomenon is now truly evolving as opposed to the clichéd sermons of ‘my team’ and ‘we all work as a team’.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, talks about the benefits of collaborative leadership – “Your stature as a leader grows as your ability to…”

  • Medical Reimbursement Isn’t Enough
    November 23, 2012 – Business Standard   

    With the increasing cost of health services, is the medical compensation given by companies really enough?

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, comments on the subject. Ashish says, “Since 60-70 percent of population is below the age of 35, the chances of them..…”

  • As Talent Turns Critical, Small Firms Outsource HR
    October 16, 2012 – Times of India, Mumbai  

    An exclusive feature article on HR Outsourcing, and why firms are adopting this lucrative business practice. HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, talks at length on the benefits of HRO and some of the work we have done.

  • Are you a Circumstantial Leader?
    October 10, 2012 – Times Ascent (Mumbai, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Chennai)  

    The article talks about how a leader is born out of the circumstances and day-to-day issues he or she faces. It takes a lot of efficient situation handling to make a good leader.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, agrees and shares his insights – “You can train anyone on anything; however…”

  • A Spiritual Approach to Work
    September 5th – Times Ascent Online  

    This article throws light on the impact we have on others in our day-to-day work. We often tend to forget the iportance that our jobs hold for so many other individuals.

    HR Anexi’s MD, Mr. Ashish Arora, says, “Success cannot be created in isolation. Organisations should…..”