Shetal Shah

Senior Consultant

Shetal is a highly competent Human Resources consultant with a successful track record of 10+ years' of consulting experience. In HR Anexi he is responsible for leading and implementing strategic Human Resources for several family-owned businesses & also leads the Employee Engagement Survey business.

Shetal is passionate about HR’s role in driving organisational transformation. His strong grasp of the business & his approach to managing complex HR challenges is not only pragmatic but also compassionate, and he never loses sight of the business objectives that the organisation is driving.

Shetal’s diverse areas of strength include:

  • Employee Relations
  • Performance Management
  • Employee Engagement
  • Policies and Procedures
  • Human Resources Operations
  • Risk Mitigation

Education and Credentials

Shetal believes technology and data analytics are critical advantages for transformation specialists like him and how it can help HR contribute to business decisions in building and maintaining high-performing cultures. He has to his credit developed several of HR Anexi’s proprietorial bespoke products that support business strategies and models enabling family-owned businesses to meet many of their people-centric opportunities.