Accelerating Leadership Development among First-line Leaders

LEAP into Leadership

A leading specialty chemicals company wanted to conduct a development intervention for first line leaders to forge their managerial skill sets, and bring them up to speed with the organization’s business expansion plans.

HR Anexi designed an integrated Leadership Experience Acceleration Program (LEAP), spread across six months, including live projects, one on one coaching, and feedback and review sessions. The program was delivered in 3 modules – Self Management, Driving for Results, and Team Management. A special team of mentors was selected from within the organisation to guide participants during the program. This proved to be a powerful method to encourage them to address real life issues and situations faced at the company’s manufacturing sites.

The young leaders displayed a change in behaviour after the first intervention. They started making significant progress towards problem solving and interacting with the team to achieve common goals. Instead of being immediately escalated, critical issues were now handled with effective planning. There was a heightened sense of accountability and ownership demonstrated towards task orientation as well as people management. LEAP helped these young managers sustain a high paced performance momentum with effective support from within the organization.