HR Process Modelling for Business ROI and Employee Centricism

Remodeling for Impact

Sluggish business performance over the past few years forced a pioneering digital media and entertainment company to look for underlying issues within their internal operations. When HR Anexi stepped in to conduct an overall manpower and HR practice audit, we found critical gaps in their basic HR processes. For example, the employee demographic database and payroll records were independently maintained by a single individual, creating a closed circuit of data access and management. Several loopholes in such data had gone unnoticed for years, leading profits to continually erode every month. Furthermore, their practices on performance appraisal were not robust. Many roles, including those related to sales, did not include a basic definition of their KRAs. Also, exit interviewing processes were virtually non-existent.

Thus, HR Anexi was able to review the company’s people processes not just from the standpoint of industry best practices, but also that of their business potential. The resultant audit reporting discussed the functioning of each HR process in detail, recommending the right systems and workflows that would boost its business productivity. Over the next period, the company chose HR Anexi as its key partner in revamping its core processes of performance appraisal, payroll data management, and exit interviewing. In addition to generating a record cost savings within a few months, the HR process remodelling drastically improved the department’s capability to deliver real-time business ROI and establish an employee-centric culture within the company.