Performance Management System Leads to Organisational Transformation

At 99% + efficiency, this electricity transmission company is one of the most profitable State Electricity Boards in India!

In 2010, the Board was going through multiple challenges

  • No defined Targets
  • No detailing of Job roles
  • Lack of objectivity in evaluation – 99%+ people in Very Good & Outstanding (71% + 28%)

It was at this time that the organisation solicited the services of HR Anexi.


While auditing, HR Anexi consultants discovered that more than 90% of the employees scored 4.0 (on a scale of five) in their annual appraisal assessment, contradictory to the organisation’s scorecard of 2.0.

This set the HR Anexi team to chart out not only a systematic action plan to revamp the performance management process but also a robust implementation rollout.


To implement this, it was important for all the employees to understand the nuances of the performance management system at play. HR Anexi consultants invested the first half of the year training 54 employees from the HR team on functioning of the Performance Management process. We conducted a Leadership Masterclass for the CMD and top 20 direct reportees


Next, 120 senior engineers were identified from each zone under a unique 'TORCHBEARERS' initiative. These engineers were trained on the new performance process. 'TORCHBEARERS' played a critical role in the transformation movement across 4,000 employees in the company.

In 2013, the `Train the Trainer’ initiative was launched to ensure everyone would be adept at transferring their knowledge to other team members. This initiative continues to date.

The interventions that we took on in 2014 were focused on senior engineers. The intervention called `Go Beyond’ was to ensure senior engineers think ahead of their routine tasks to ensure innovation and success.

The same year we also did the Employee Engagement Survey (EES) across the organisation.

In the following year, 2015, the Performance Management System was implemented. Apart from setting up robust systems, the team was trained on using it effectively. Another batch of the `Train the Trainer’ workshop was also conducted in the same year.

We continue to engage with the organisation at different levels to ensure efficiency and profitability.


Soon performance was driven at each level by setting clear goals, continuous monitoring, measuring and rewarding achievements.

By 2016, three years after initiating the Performance Management System, the organisation’s efficiency levels had climbed to 99.97%. Transforming performance of an entire organisation of this size is an enormous undertaking. For HR Anexi, the key to success rested on two critical elements:

By 2016

The efficiency levels
climbed to 99.97%.


An Aligned and Engaged Workforce Lay the Foundation for Organisational Transformation