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At HR Anexi we believe that there is no better time for HR to take a leading role in driving organisational transformation. HR is increasingly seen as a key enabler to the transformation journey for companies expanding and becoming more competitive or striving to keep pace with gold-standard practices. It is a singular differentiator in the value chain, providing actionable insights so that the organisation remains an employer of choice, retain key talent and ensure its future success.

HR Anexi is a human resource consulting firm partnering with family-owned businesses, assisting them with a comprehensive range of HR products and services ranging from the alignment of HR strategy with an overall business strategy to creating policies and process flows to performance management to employee development and engagement. This holistic approach with “a one-stop source” philosophy is perhaps what makes us unique. We are committed to working in collaboration with entrepreneurs forging modern HR practices and tools that contribute critical new insights and business value.

The HR Anexi advantage for entrepreneurs will give them the benefit of

  • An HR transformation strategy that fits the true needs of the business
  • Simple, executable and scalable HR transformation plans that organisations can rely on
  • Support for strategic business objectives, such as revenue growth and expansion
  • Deep understanding of the trials and tribulations of the family-owned businesses

What is our purpose and what do we hope to accomplish?

At our core, we’re about people. We believe when people are informed, empowered and engaged, they can make the impossible happen.

Our purpose is, therefore, to unleash their resourcefulness so that they lead happy and fulfilled lives.

What guides and informs our purpose?

At HR Anexi, we choose to integrate our services and capabilities to enhance the entire client service experience. We partner with entrepreneurs and family-owned businesses; we believe that people are not just the biggest assets of any organisation, but they are the Asset creators!! And thus we have the HR Anexi Way.


I collaborate for client success

"We work as one team delivering value to our clients."


I love what I do

"We take pride in what we do and are passionate about excellence.”


I walk the talk

"We deliver what we promise and promise what we can deliver."


I believe in Resourcefulness

"We believe people are asset creators, we go to great lengths to enhance their potential."

What do we care most about?

“To make a significant difference in the lives of people and be a trusted transformation partner to family-owned businesses to optimally harness the human potential."

What makes us different?

We at HR Anexi with all our passion and purpose, partner with our clients and stakeholders combining holistic approaches with our expertise to create high performing organisations.

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