Competency framework underpins talent management strategies

Competency Framework & Assessment

Adding science to qualitative assessments

The client is an information technology company, supporting trade and clearing settlements and other operations of a stock exchange network.

The aim was to introduce competency-based talent management practices as the subsequent step in the evolution of their HR processes. To this end, the mandate for HR Anexi was to build a competency framework as the foundation that would align all talent management processes.

Phase 1

HR Anexi’s diagnosis revealed that the existing HR processes were only delivering on tactical requirements. Thus the compelling need for clearly articulated competencies for employees to become aware of career development opportunities, the movement to new roles and the critical preparation it entails.

The first step involved identifying all unique positions for a particular function. Each position was studied with regard to job responsibilities, knowledge, skills and behaviours required to execute the job successfully.

This led to the articulation of technical and behavioural competencies. Next proficiency levels were indicated for the identified competencies. This was done in discussions with the job holder and their managers.

A role-proficiency matrix was created to serve as a career development map for various roles in distinct functions.

Phase 2

Leadership and Management Assessment

This involved assessment of the line leaders in two discrete groups:

  • Senior Executive Team and their direct reports
  • Middle Management Team

An on-line, multi-rater, 360-degree feedback process was designed to assess the articulated competencies. Competency-based interviews (both for technical and behavioural competencies) were also conducted. Along with CBI, 15FQ+ Questionnaire, a globally acclaimed Personality Assessment, was also conducted to assess traits. This later led to creation of a holistic picture of an individual’s leadership capability and their development needs.

Once this multi-source assessment was completed, a one-to-one coaching conversation with each assessed employee helped them interpret the feedback and identify specific needs for their personal development plan.

This Leadership Assessment eased the process of determining how to identify and develop leaders with potential. It thus formed the backbone of a sustainable leadership pipeline.


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