An Aligned and Engaged Workforce Lay the Foundation for Organisational Transformation

This jewellery company achieved what every organisation only dreams of – an aligned and engaged workforce.

Organisation's belief in employee alignment

  • 1
    Helping employees stay focused
  • 2
    Getting started on a transformational journey of sustained growth
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    Maximize profits

HR Anexi’s mandate was to facilitate an environment where employee alignment led to the overall success of this family-run business as well as personal success of each employee and their engagement within the company.


HR Anexi’s first order of business was to develop a clear set of Key Focus Areas (KFAs) which would act as the springboard for action and inspiration for the entire organisation. The company's leadership team at an offsite retreat set expectations for performance in line with the organisation’s KFAs. Furthermore, leaders regularly participated in monthly management meetings to understand interdependencies amongst departments, provided insights to challenges and opportunities, and made sound decisions on work priorities.


The next step was to explicitly communicate the KFAs to the next level of leaders. A town hall with close to 200 people was facilitated by HR Anexi and the company's leadership, with the sole aim of understanding what the KFAs meant for them and their teams.


From HR Anexi’s perspective, this alignment was a dynamic ongoing process that required continual monitoring and realigning as the environment changed. The aim was to create an empowered organisation aligned to its goals, with people’s passions and purpose in sync with each other. This led to questions around employees’ happiness and their interactions with colleagues, managers and leaders. Were the employees happy with their managers’ efforts in developing their capabilities, their commitment and loyalty to the core purpose of the organisation, et al?

The survey results were an eye-opener in more ways than one!

With 40% of the organisation fully engaged, the biggest concern was the absence of a culture of recognition and appreciation. There were not enough mechanisms at work
in the company that made the employees feel good and valued!

HR Anexi worked closely with the leaders and managers to develop clear and simple actions that led to a meaningful difference.

Encouraged building solid and personalized relationships with their teams


One-on-one conversations led them to know each team member better and share information about themselves


Providing regular feedback without waiting for a performance review and realign priorities and goals for employees


Team activities and team outings were encouraged to develop a sense of belongingness and affinity


Realising Vision and Alignment With the Power to Transform