Strategic Alliances BlessingWhite

BlessingWhite (a division of GP Strategies) is a global human capital consulting firm dedicated to creating sustainable high-performance organisations.

They provide consulting, processes, tools and training to

  • Create high-performance cultures that drive bottom-line results and reinforce an organisation’s mission and values
  • Develop leaders at all levels who can manage the business and inspire employees
  • Align employee self-interest, energy and talent with an organisation’s strategy

BlessingWhite was established in 1973 by Buck Blessing and Tod White with the mission of creating research based models, programs and methods for reinventing leadership and the meaning of work. Since then, BlessingWhite has delivered outstanding business results for thousands of clients worldwide and inspired remarkable accomplishments in more than 3 million individuals.

Some of BlessingWhite Signature Programs

HR Anexi built a strategic partnership with BlessingWhite in 2007, the year of its inception. This alliance enables us to offer a wide range of BlessingWhite’s global leadership and management development programs to several organisations across India.

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Partnership Advantage

BlessingWhite’s background research in leadership and the meaning of work informs HR Anexi’s capabilities in organisation Development, Assessment, HR Advisory and Outsourcing, and Research and Survey. Our partnership with BlessingWhite enables us to provide its vast array of executive leadership and management development programs to numerous organisations throughout India. BlessingWhite’s programs fit very well with our larger intervention frameworks in organisation development, like the Wheel of Transformation, Leadership Speedometer Model and Execution Excellence Pit Stop Model. In addition, they complement our signature classroom and experiential learning programs in Competency Building (Amplify), Outbound Learning (Small Change Big DIfference) and Belief Changing.

Global Footprint

Headquartered in New Jersey, US, BlessingWhite has offices in United States, South America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. Their vast network of certified consultants provides culturally relevant, high-quality and cost-effective implementations around the world. BlessingWhite has more than 100 highly skilled associates, located in 40 countries, speaking 14 languages – and these numbers continue to grow! BlessingWhite has translated their programs and content into more than a dozen languages. Their regular workplace research contributes to best practices in global talent program implementations.