Competency Framework
& Assessment

Defining roles and responsibilities and organisational behaviours.

Competency frameworks effectively define roles and responsibilities and organisational behaviours. In other words, the competency framework answers the crucial questions of how you define skills, behaviours, and attitudes that the employee needs to execute their role effectively and how you measure that.

Competency frameworks also form a reference point for other talent management initiatives including

Recruitment and Selection, Performance Management, Succession, Planning, On-boarding, Compensation, Learning and Development, Organisational Alignment.

Competency assessment focuses on how well an employee is performing the required job skills on specific performance standards. In other words, this approach allows you to identify existing competencies and skills gaps of your employees. A competency framework can be used to assess the proficiency of an employee in his/her current role and importantly his /her potential to take on a future role or readiness to take on a promotion.

As part of development and transformation efforts, HR Anexi helps to craft competency frameworks to guide companies in mapping out the growth and development of their talent by:

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    Providing a “road map” for the range of behaviours that produce excellent performance consistently

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    Enabling companies “raise the bar” of performance expectations.

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    Supporting teams and individuals align their behaviour with key organisational strategies

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    Facilitate understanding for each employee expected performance standards

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    Using it in multiple applications from recruitment to separation

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