Engaging employees to invest their creativity, innovation and effort in
their daily work to be more productive.

Employee engagement is the extent to which employees invest their creativity, innovation and effort in their daily work as engaged employees are more productive, content and more likely to be loyal to an organisation. With the rising challenges of low employee satisfaction and high attrition levels, the goal is to increase individual contribution and reduce attrition. This represents one of the biggest levers to business success.

Organisations are keen to maximize the contribution of each individual toward corporate imperatives and metrics. Individual employees, meanwhile, need to find purpose and satisfaction in their work.

X Model of Employee Engagement

Consequently, HR Anexi and BlessingWhite’s engagement model focuses on an individual’s contribution to the company’s success and personal satisfaction in the role.

This helps employees to:

  • Believe that their voices are heard and valued

  • Become evangelists of the organisation, its products and processes

  • Learn the factors that impact individual engagement and clarify their role as a manager in fostering high engagement

  • Identify actions for taking control of their engagement

  • Develop skills and confidence to establish individualized engagement partnerships with every person on their team

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