Leadership And
Capability Development

Leadership and capability development go hand-in-hand. Inspiring leadership plays a key role in engaging the hearts and minds of employees across the organisation and elicits discretionary effort for superior performance and sustained growth. Therefore in this ever-changing and complex world, the need for strong leadership is greater than ever before.

The challenge is two-fold; to build a systematic and continuous approach to attract talent and to develop the critical capability for long-term growth.

Attracting top talent is time-consuming, costly, and complex; but a robust process can simplify and accelerate your search while mitigating risks.

Executive Search Process:

HR Anexi offers a robust and validated search approach and deep knowledge of diverse industries. Our search professionals:

  • Understand the issues and opportunities within your industry

  • Appreciate your organisation culture

  • Recognize the challenges that are unique to your organisation

  • Know and draw from a bench of candidates who are best suited to the position

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Management Development

The execution excellence pitstop

Leadership Development

The leadership speedometer

HR Anexi’s approach to developing capabilities encompasses not only leaders of the organisation but also the front line. The focus is to build the right set of leadership skills across large cohorts of people, in a way that improves the performance of the entire organisation in an impactful and self-perpetuating way. Leadership Development learning journeys are rooted in the challenges of today’s business dynamics which ensure in a measurable behaviour change, improved performance impacting business performance.

  • Design leadership development interventions that are entwined with the organisation’s talent and performance management processes, and the overarching organisational vision

  • Define leadership from the perspective of how leaders help organisations to achieve sustained growth and success

  • Ensure the interventions are impactful in a manner where each leader we engage with goes through a significant transformation in line with their goals and aspirations