What makes your best performers tick? How do you distinguish an applicant’s real potential from his surface behaviours? How do you realign a derailing executive? Psychometric assessments offer a window into an employee’s intrinsic capabilities, enabling you to make the best selection or development decisions.


HR Anexi, in partnership with Psytech International, offers a wide spectrum of psychometric and ability assessment instruments that help you match people to purposes, in areas they are most likely to succeed. We also provide strategic assessment programs, like assessment centres or development centres, for comprehensive insights on your organization’s leadership, managerial, and technical talent.


Our virtual capabilities help you deliver standardized, cost-effective assessments across dispersed employee populations. Based on your current assessment infrastructure, we can offer integrated assessment suites or stand-alone solutions. Our programs can easily be embedded into your existing talent management processes, enabling you to quickly attract, promote, and retain your best talent.

The Iceberg Model

Drivers of Behaviour

Visible behaviour is only the top 10% of an employee’s complete potential. The real drivers of behaviour lie in the deeper realms of the human psyche.

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Instruments for Assessment