Develop a pipeline of successful leaders at all levels

Leadership & Capability Building

Develop skills and confidence to establish individualized engagement partnerships with every person on their team

The client mandate was to build a Leadership Development framework that would impact leaders from the executive leadership team to first time managers. The ultimate goal was to positively impact the organisation’s culture allowing for increased trust, transparency and collaboration throughout the different business groups of the organisation. Key deliverables were:

  1. a common framework and language to address and improve leadership
  2. accelerated progress towards near-term organisational goals
  3. a foundation for the organisation’s long-term growth and leadership agenda
  4. develop a high-performance culture

Management Development

The execution excellence pitshop

Leadership Development

The leadership speedometer

Executive Leadership

Leading out loud

To help them, HR Anexi created a three-tiered framework that targeted the Executive Leadership, Leadership team, and the entire Managerial cadre.

Each programme focused on enabling the organisation’s leaders to excite people to exceptional performance! Emphasis was laid on effectively linking it with the company’s leadership vision and empower leaders to collaborate across business silos. The key was to align personal advancements to...

The learning journeys for each level of leaders had a combined approach encompassing:

  • Competency and capability development
  • Insights & motivations from 360-degree feedback
  • Values based on personal leadership development
  • Coaching
  • Live projects
  • Practice and accountability for self-development

This Leadership Development framework helped us match the right learning at the right time for each leader. The emphasis was on skills critical for success at each level of leadership for achieving results.


LEAP into Leadership