Power of Self-belief and Accountability Leading to Organisational Transformation

This jewellery company after almost 9 years of existence had hit a glass ceiling with regards to growth.

Interestingly, within a year the scenario changed!

100% of the targeted growth was achieved
in one–third the time
What triggered this supersonic growth and transformation journey?

In February 2016, they roped in HR Anexi as their transformation partner.
HR Anexi’s diagnostics revealed:

  • An organisation reeling under lack of ownership
  • Abject complacency
  • People not operating at their potential, resulting in stagnancy

The challenge for HR Anexi was

How can we enthuse this company into a growth gear?

The transformation demanded more than the best strategic and tactical plans. It required an understanding of the employees and changes in their behaviour that would deliver growth. After all, growth is realised through the collective actions of the employees who are excited and committed to developing, executing, and living the vision.

3-day Retreat, April 2016


Led by seasoned
HR Anexi facilitators

Thus, the first step in the journey of transformation was to build ownership & instil a deep sense of self-belief within the employees.

During this retreat, the founders were asked to refrain from contributing to the discussions. The idea was to let the leadership team ideate and arrive at a target instead of the owners calling the shots. HR Anexi consultants started with asking questions that stimulated and pushed the team to think big and bold! HR Anexi believed the cumulative experience and tacit knowledge of the leaders would go a long way in visioning the growth journey for the company. The leadership team finally signed on achieving an INR 220 crore revenue in the next 3 years.


Like every organisation, this company too had its rightful share of believers and skeptics. HR Anexi consultants knew how to challenge the status quo; they needed to impact each individual employee’s sense of self-belief. On day three of the ‘Lakshya’ retreat, leaders and their team members were invited to a firewalk**. The firewalk was a platform for leaders to confront their self-limiting beliefs and focus on what matters most! It is when the leaders walked the fire barefoot they realised the power of self-belief.

When you have an eye on the horizon and a charted course for yourself and the team, the journey of transformation is inevitable!

During a performance review, the production head said:
You (HR Anexi) have ignited the fire of self-belief and given us the confidence to ‘walk the talk’. Nothing is impossible for a self-motivated team.

Presently, the company is well on its way to achieving a whopping INR 280 cr goal by 2019, much ahead of their initial target of INR 220 cr

**HR Anexi has been using ‘firewalk’ as a metaphor for overcoming self-limiting beliefs, taking risks, and gaining confidence.


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