Realising Vision and Alignment With the Power to Transform

A logistics company achieved its goal of
2x growth as the only
integrated solution provider in India.

Vision and alignment laid the foundation for a transformation journey for this 3rd generation family-owned business with decades of experience in logistics services.

It started at the end of 2011 when the leadership team with the expertise of HR Anexi consultants began intensive discussions to craft the organisation vision - 'Become a Leader in the Integrated Logistics business, offering customised solutions'. The vision broadly included bringing superior value through innovation, technology, and expertise on a continuous basis.

A couple of months later, HR Anexi’s seasoned facilitators took the leadership team out on an offsite.

What needed to be addressed in unequivocal terms was the leadership team’s consensus on the concept of 'Integrated Logistics'. Getting the leaders’ emotional and rational buy-in to the vision was key to aligning them to this common purpose. HR Anexi’s approach was two-pronged: to address the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of the desired vision. It worked around cascading the vision and goals through multi-tier alignments for succeeding levels.

HR Anexi built teams that were strategically and operationally in sync, clear about goals & accountabilities, shared common ground rules for resolving issues, and worked transparently. Equally important was addressing ‘how’ the leaders would engage with their teams, peers and customers, which led to the creation of the Leadership Team Norms.

The focus of the norms was on critical leadership behaviour:

  • Foster Alignment
  • Deepen Trust
  • Ensure Proactiveness
  • Be Accountable
  • Continuous participation in decision making
  • Nurture Positivity

This logistics company has indeed gathered ‘trade winds in its sail’ for

2x Growth by 2021.


Employee Engagement Building Significance to Organisational Transformation