Success Stories

Everyday, HR Anexi works with diverse organisations in helping them build better talent processes and models for their businesses. See below how we have helped our clients create their success stories in workforce planning, compensation and benefits, employee engagement

Case study

An Aligned and Engaged Workforce Lay the Foundation for Organisational Transformation

This is every organisation’s dream; but for this jewellery company, it is a dream that has come true!

Employee alignment to this 50-year diamond and jewellery business meant more than getting every employee on the same page. To be able to look at the bigger picture and understand everyone’s role was central to this exercise. The organisation's belief of employee alignment was mission critical in helping employees stay focused, maximize profits and get started on a transformational journey of sustained growth.

Case study

Employee Engagement Building Significance to Organisational Transformation

In 2011, this retail group was experiencing high attrition rates to the tune of 80%. Six years later, attrition plunged to less than 30%. Employee engagement scores dramatically climbed from 59% to 75% in the same period. What did the organisation do to find answer to the disengagement?

HR Anexi experts started with conducting an engagement survey. The results were an eye-opener.

Case study

Power of Self-belief and Accountability Leading to Organisational Transformation

This jewellery company after almost 9 years of existence had hit a glass ceiling with growth. In 2016, the company set a revenue target of INR 220 CR to be achieved in next 3 years. A year later, it was on track to surpass INR 280 CR. This phenomenal 100% growth in one-third the time, was tremendous! What triggered this supersonic growth and transformational journey?


HR Anexi has helped us nurture a sense of ownership among the employees and this has contributed a lot to our company’s growth

Jitesh Shah,
Partner, Star Rays

The size of our organisation does not financially justify employing a whole host of HR executives with individual specialisations. So, when we outsourced to HR Anexi, we improved the efficiency of our in-house HR team as well as got the advantage of having experts in HR work with us.

Makrand Appalwar,
MD, Emmbi Polyarns

To build a workplace where an employee feels empowered, enabled and energized, it is imperative that the organisation listens. At Landmark Group India, we embarked on this journey about seven years ago, when we decided to open up channels for our employees to speak to us; voice their opinions, concerns and suggestions. That is when our relationship with HR Anexi started, as we introduced our first internal employee engagement survey – People Pulse. A survey that enabled us to listen to our employees, understand the pulse in the organisation, and drive change to improve ourselves and the workplace. The transformation that we have seen by measuring our engagement levels and putting into action sustainable changes, is a testimony to the efficacy of the Engagement survey solution provided to us by HR Anexi. We’ve been able to understand and analyse our areas of improvements through the ‘X Model’ which has been developed by their partner ‘Blessing White’. The Engagement model was easy to understand and also delivered quantitative and qualitative inputs that ensured that our business leaders and people accepted the need for transformation and took ownership of the results. As an organisation, we’ve seen a steady growth in our engagement levels, from just about 59% from our first survey, to about 78% today. This would not have been possible if we didn’t have the right tools to measure our engagement levels and the drive to build a people-centric organisation. HR Anexi has enabled us with the right tools and systems of measurement.

Venkataramana B,
Group President – Human Resources, Landmark Group

While I have come across multiple agencies that support Capability Development, HR Anexi clearly brings in the difference that is expected out of one. Their programs have a balance of learning and fun, with serious takeaways.

Gaurav Dikshit, Sourcing Lead
Consulting BPO, Accenture
Case study

Realising Vision and Alignment With the Power to Transform

A logistics company on point for 2x growth as the only Integrated Solutions provider in India.

Vision and alignment laid the foundation for a transformation journey for this 3rd generation family owned business with decades of experience in logistics services.


The leadership program `Why Should Anyone be Led by You’ was a fantastic, unique learning experience, personally for me and the whole team. The CASE framework was the most enthralling topic of the session, which presented valuable takeaways to help me work towards exciting my team for exceptional performance in markets that are challenging and testing. Under the authentic tutelage of Mr. Ashish Arora, who sowed the seeds of CASE in our minds; I know for a fact that this will start a new chapter for the team.

V Raja, Managing Director
TE Connectivity

Articulating a strategic vision for the organisation under the able guidance of HR Anexi’s team of experts in an offsite was a remarkable experience! The program content was unique – it used very powerful learning metaphors. The team’s response was overwhelming, and I can say for a fact that our objectives were achieved.

Executive Director Meghraj Capital Advisors

What I really like about the HR Anexi Team is, that they are a group of talented, passionate individuals who want to make a difference.

Bobby Kothari,
CEO, Jewelex India Pvt Ltd

HR Anexi has become a valuable partner in our journey of unleashing people’s power of transforming an organisation to super achievers.

Nikhil Mohan,
Managing Director, Blackberrys

Attracting quality talent is a huge challenge for family run businesses. Most professionals do not want to work with such companies because they are often known for poor HR practices. Our decision to outsource HR functions to HR Anexi has greatly helped us in this context.

Rajiv Sethi Chairman,
Managing Director, Blackberrys

I am a man with few words. However, when I think of HR Anexi I know my company is in safe hands & that gives me peaceful sleep at night. HRA is an integral part of Aura who has not only unleashed our potential but also given us a vision. Achieving our milestone before its deadline was possible only because HRA curated a sense of self belief, living our values & discipline in us. HRA has transformed Aura wherein the team talks of KFA, Targets, MIS and Processes.

Vipul Shah,
Partner, Aura Jewels

I would like to wish HR Anexi a very bright future. They have been an integral part of our Journey at K Raheja Corp in bringing about path breaking Learning solutions. With their Flagship leadership programs, we have been creating a steady pool of Leaders within the organisation.

We had some amazing program done thru them right up to the Top Leadership level and looking forward to partner with them for many more in the future. All the very Best Team HR Anexi

Urvi Aaradhya,
Chief Human Resources Officer, K Raheja Corp