Organisation Culture

Identifying and embedding organisational values which drive the way people work together to achieve results.

Organisational values drive the way we influence, negotiate, make decisions, and work together to achieve results. Organisational values, therefore, may be considered as drivers of our behaviour, based on our core beliefs. The collective behaviours of all employees then form the organisational culture – “the way we do things around here” – fulfilling the organisation’s promise of growth to its stakeholders

HR Anexi can help you better understand where your current culture stands. It helps:

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    Craft a roadmap to build a strong high performing culture which supports growth and transformation

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    Dissemination of Values, a process of drawing out the work-life values (what is important and a priority) of employees and enabling them to make personal connections to what is important and a priority for the organisation

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    Measure how well your leaders and business practices align with your espoused organisational values through the use of Culture Scan tool

Download factsheet for Organisational Values